Janhvi Kapoor's Night Suit Has Her Favourite Person’s Face On It: ‘I Wear It To Sleep Every Night’

Janhvi Kapoor, who is busy promoting her film ‘Mr & Mrs. Mahi’, has customized her night suit and it has a collage of the face of her favorite person on it.

Janhvi Kapoor, who is currently busy promoting her film ‘Mr & Mrs. Mahi’, has adapted ‘method dressing’ for the promotion of the film. The actor has incorporated a cricket theme in all of the outfits she wore. Her 'method of dressingis not just limited to film events, the actor has also customized her night suit and it has a connection with her favorite person.  

Janhvi Kapoor on wearing rented clothes

During a recent appearance on Mashable India’s 'The bombay Journey,Janhvi was asked about sustainability and the actor disclosed that many of her stylish outfits are rented and sourced by her team. She said, “Whenever the stylists call for clothes, they’re mostly rented. The shoes and rings are mine but the necklace and bracelets are not mine. The shirt is also not mine. Bhaade ke hain!” she shared. 

She then said that the outfits are returned after public appearances. Of course, these are customized for me, but they’ve all been rented. This entire look is put together by renting clothes and accessories. In sabko lautana padta hai (We have to return them). Does that qualify as being sustainable?” she asked. 

Janhvi Kapoor's customized night suit

When asked about repeating clothes, she said, “I repeat clothes. Mera ek night suit hai which I refuse to let go of.” She then shared that she customized her nightsuit. “I got it made, it has a collage of the face of my favorite person embossed on it. I wear it to sleep every night.” 

Janhvi on being inspired by Zendaya

Janhvi was recently asked about ‘method dressing’ by her fans in an Instagram 'Ask Me Anythingsession. A fan questioned Janhvi, "Is it true that you're copying Zendaya?The actress admitted saying, "Yes, I think I'm very heavily inspired by what she did for her 'Challengersand 'Dune: Part Two' promotions. And not just her, I think even Uorfi, how creative she is with her fashion.

Also starring Rajkummar Rao, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’ is slated to release on May 31.

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