Salaar, Prabhas' highly anticipated action drama, failed to satisfy fans on its maiden television broadcast. The film received a TRP of only 6.52, falling short of expectations compared to prior telugu films on the star maa channel.

Several more telugu films that aired on star maa lately received greater TRP ratings. For example, a failed picture like Aadi Keshava earned a whooping 10.47, the most in recent memory. Naa Saami Ranga and skanda both had TRPs more than 8, while Mangalavaaram and Bichagadu achieved TRPs in the 7 area. Prashanth Neel's prior television premieres, kgf Chapter 1 and kgf Chapter 2, got 11.90 and 9.15, respectively. Salaaar's TRP dropped below the average of these films, suggesting a tepid reception by the television viewers.

This comes as a surprise given Prabhas' large fan following and the film's pre-release anticipation. Possible causes for the low TRP include mixed word-of-mouth after the theatrical debut. Analysts also believe that the poor TRP around Salaar is due to competition from other television debuts, a shift in watching trends towards online streaming platforms, and the IPL influence.
While the television premiere's performance does not necessarily represent the film's overall success, it raises concerns about its long-term influence.

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