Finally, fans of the superhit Baahubali franchise, who were pleased when SS rajamouli announced the advent of a new animated series, got to witness the teaser for "Baahubali: Crown Of Blood" the other day. people hope to see an animated version of "Baahubali" that looks similar to Disney's frozen or other Pixar Studio animated shows. This has now offended them.

"Crown of Blood" is a 2D cartoon series that serves as a precursor to the popular Baahubali saga. Before being backstabbed by Kattappa, Baahubali goes on another battle at the request of his mother Sivagami, which this series depicts. However, the animation quality appears to be fairly simplistic and old-school when compared to what children watch these days on Netflix and Hotstar in the 'kids' category. Also, the character design isn't particularly stunning, as netizens have observed that Baahubali's visage resembles MS Dhoni's.
When fans demand worldwide standards and high quality, this 1990s-style planar animation falls short. We'll have to see what the 'Baahubali: Crown of Blood' producers say about this. The new animated series Baahubali: Crown of Blood, set in the kingdom of Mahishmati, is now available on Disney+Hotstar. As we prepare for a new adventure with everyone's favourite prince, let us look back at all the stories that have come out of this amazing realm to date.

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