Pushpa: The Rule is one of the forthcoming telugu films. The film's first installment, starring allu arjun in the lead role, became a worldwide sensation when it was released. There are big hopes for the second portion. However, one factor frequently troubles both the team and the supporters.
During the release of the film's first installment, there was a criticism within the crew, particularly from director Sukumar, that he had to labour around the clock to complete the post-production work. The crew does not have enough time to review the final cuts and make any more modifications. The team had to make compromises in order to meet tight deadlines.

Now there is concern that the same thing may occur again. According to current plans, the film will be released on august 15th, 2024. The objective was to complete the film's shot by the end of May. At the time, it appears doubtful.
Once again, the crew will have fewer than two months for post-production, which is insufficient for a large budget like Pushpa. As a result, the crew may have to recreate the same old scenario in order to complete the picture in less time. Let us hope that the team will not compromise on providing a great product to the audience.

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