Over the last 30 years, producer am rathnam has been identified with cult and epic blockbuster films. He has a unique ability to create unforgettable blockbusters with major performers while also making content-driven cult entertainment. His impressive filmography includes Peddarikam, Kushi, Kartavyam, Vedalam, and 7/G Brundavan Colony, among others.
AM Rathnam has kept a low profile in recent years, preparing to make a grand reappearance. Moviegoers and the general public anticipate excellent material from his production company. As a result, he has been taking his time in order to meet their expectations.

Thalapathy Vijay's Ghilli has now been re-released, and the response has stunned the trade. The film's worldwide collections have surpassed those of its first release 20 years ago. It made more than Rs.30 crores globally and is still going strong.
The public has turned out in large numbers to celebrate each speech, action, and song in the cinemas. Topping it, Pawan Kalyan's hari Hara Veera Mallu Part 1. When the Sword versus Spirit Teaser was released, it failed to become a social media phenomenon. Fans of the actor who have been waiting for this film have voiced disappointment with the quality of the substance that the team has in store for them.
Many people were concerned that if the film was pushed into obscurity, they would never be able to see it on a big screen. However, youthful filmmaker jyothi Krisna has stepped up to complete the picture at a faster speed with the highest quality. Thank you to Vijay for saving the producer and securing the release of 'HHVM'.

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