Pragya Jaiswal's recent photo, taken just after finishing her next bollywood flick 'Khel Khel Mein', exudes summer feelings. The actress looks stunning in a gorgeous blue gown that embraces her contours flawlessly. The thigh-high slit gives a touch of charm, while the slightly low neckline suggests elegance.
Pragya basks in the bright summer sunlight, which illuminates her perfect face and highlights the brilliant colour of her clothing. She keeps her accessories simple, opting for a set of delicate silver earrings that match the ensemble without dominating it. Pragya looks stunning with her hair arranged in delicate waves and a beautiful grin, leaving fans wanting more. Fans can't wait to watch her in the film 'Khel Khel Mein'!

Pragya Jaiswal, who has appeared in films such as akhanda and Achari America Yatri, is one of the industry's most attractive actresses. She is also noted for her active social media presence, where she maintains contact with her admirers. Her acting career has allowed her to capture the hearts of millions. On her instagram account, she has shared some of her stunning photographs that have made her followers drool.
Pragya is seen wearing a rainbow outfit. She posted a collection of seven stunning images from her session. Along with her stunning gown, she is seen sporting silver earrings that sparkle in the sunlight. She posed in front of the camera, her hair wavy. Pragya explained her feelings in the caption.


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