Sanjay Leela Bhansali's latest web series "Heeramandi" has caused a flurry of criticism, notably around actress Sharmin Segal's portrayal of Manisha Koirala's character's kid. The eight-episode series, set in Lahore and Hindustan in the 1920s, explores the complexities of human emotions, relationships, and the quest for independence.

In "Heeramandi," Sharmin Segal plays a character who is caught up in the palace's intricate dynamics. She is Bhansali's younger sister's daughter. Her depiction as the daughter of a seasoned courtesan, played by the brilliant Manisha Koirala, has sparked criticism from both viewers and reviewers. 

On the one hand, Segal's performance has been praised for its emotional depth and genuineness. However, Segal's performance has not received universally glowing reviews. Some viewers and online groups have criticized her acting abilities, claiming times of inconsistency and a lack of depth. The expectations that come with being a part of a Bhansali production, which is recognized for its grandeur and impactful performances, have surely increased the scrutiny around Segal's involvement.

It's worth noting that this is not Segal's first excursion into acting. She made her debut in Bhansali's "Malaal" (2019), and her performance received mixed reviews. With "Heeramandi," she was able to develop a more complicated character within an emotionally charged tale. However, it appears that she failed to do so.

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