Nikhil is now acting in the Bharat Krishnamachari-directed action epic Swayambhu. A large fight episode is being filmed in two gigantic sets built in Hyderabad. This never-before-seen battle episode is being produced with a large budget. This episode would be shot with 700 performers, including vietnam warriors, over the course of 12 days at a cost of Rs 8 crore.

Nikhil, who underwent extensive training before to beginning filming, will be seen undertaking some dangerous stunts in the film, in which he will play a renowned warrior. The audience will be shocked to see such a large fight scenario, which will be a feast for the eyes. The poster depicts the type of metamorphosis he experienced for the movie. The creators' poster likewise depicts a large crowd.
Nikhil's most expensive film to date is Swayambhu. The heroines of the film are Samyuktha and Nabha Natesh. Pixel Studios produced Swayambhu, which will be released across India. Swayambhu will have a high-quality production, with Manoj Paramahamsa handling the camera and ravi Basrur in charge of the music. Vasudev Munneppagari is the film's dialogue writer, while M Prabharan will design the scenery. Swayambhu will be released in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada. However, no official release date for the film has been announced yet.

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