Disney+ Hotstar introduced the universe of their forthcoming animated series, Baahubali: Crown of Blood, with the cast present. The new animated series transports you back in time to an epic conflict of empires, when Baahubali and Bhallaladeva team together to safeguard the great kingdom of Mahishmati and the crown from their greatest peril.

Rajamouli claims there was a The Crown Of Blood was created after much contemplation. "When we first started developing the universe of Baahubali for the films, we wrote pre-stories, post-stories, and character arcs from beginning to conclusion. We saw there was so much more to offer the viewers in terms of personalities and tales. In the West, there is a standard: once a brand is developed, it is instantly promoted through various media channels. It happens naturally since it is well established. But in India, we do not have it."

The acclaimed filmmaker admits that leaving the Baahubali universe was a difficult decision for him. "At first, I felt I'd never let him do anything without my supervision. Then, gradually, I realised I needed to let go. But before I let them go, I explained how we produced Baahubali. What are the characters? What are the conflicts? I attempted to explain to them the spirit of Baahubali. He recognised my enthusiasm for the Baahubali characters and tale. He grabbed it. He and his team did an excellent job developing the characters, as well as the plot and character arcs. They came up with Crown Of Blood. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out."

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