Janhvi Kapoor Talks About Actresses Being Subjected To Deepfake Video: 'Bachpan Se Kitna Troll…'

Janhvi Kapoor recently discussed the topic of sexualisation of women and the threat of deepfake videos.

Bollywood actresses have been the subjects of deepfake videos that have gone viral on social media in recent times. Janhvi Kapoor, who is promoting her upcoming movie ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’, recently discussed the topic of the sexualization of women and the threat of deepfake videos. In an interview with The Lallantop, she recalled how she has been getting trolled since childhood. 

Janhvi Kapoor on deepfake videos

When asked whether she was afraid of deepfake videos, janhvi kapoor responded, “Main sochti nhi. Bachpan se kitna troll karliya…( I don't even think. How much I have been trolled since childhood.) Jab se social media ka boom hua hai, Maine itni saari cheejein sun li hain, I don't think much can bother me. (I’ve already heard a lot ever since this social media boom).”

She continued, “To be very honest I don't know, if a photo gets edited, is it also called deep fake? That means it has been happening for many years. It happens a lot to me too. As a woman, you do get sexualized. Not just in this country, all over the world.”

The actress also said, “In this era, perhaps our society is moving in that direction that we are treating all these things with respect towards body image. As far as Deepfake, I can show you my phone right now, my tag list should be about 50 images of me in which I am wearing a saree but they edit it like a bikini on me. I see it all the time.”

Janhvi Kapoor’s work front 

Alongside Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi will be next seen in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’. The film is slated to release on May 31. Her next project 'Ulajhis set to be released on July 5. Along with Jr. ntr and Saif ali Khan, she is also set to appear in the highly anticipated film 'Devara'.

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