Aishwarya Rai celebrated mother's birthday!!!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is very active on social media. She shares something or the other on every special day. Aishwarya's mother's birthday was on 23rd May. aishwarya celebrated her mother's birthday with great pomp this year. Aaradhya also participated in grandmother's birthday celebration. Everyone had a lot of fun on the birthday, this can be clearly seen in the photos. Aishwarya's mother and her family are all visible in these photos but one person was missing and that is abhishek Bachchan. Fans are in tension due to abhishek not being seen in the photos. They are raising questions about his absence.

Aishwarya had organized a small party on her mother's birthday in which her relatives also attended. aishwarya has shared photos of the birthday party. In which 3 cakes, flowers and his father's photo are kept on a table. While sharing the photo, aishwarya wrote- Happy Birthday dear mommy Doda darling. Lots of love. Apart from this, aishwarya has also shared a selfie in which Aaradhya is posing with her grandmother and mother. In the photo, aishwarya is holding the frame of her father's photo.

People asked where is Abhishek?

Many people had attended Aishwarya's mother's birthday party but her husband abhishek Bachchan was missing. After which people are commenting and asking questions. One wrote- Where is Abhishek? While another wrote – Why did he not attend his mother-in-law's birthday? Apart from this, abhishek has not wished his mother-in-law by commenting on Aishwarya's post nor has he liked Aish's post. This is not the first time that abhishek has not attended his mother-in-law's birthday. Last year also he did not come to the birthday celebration. Let us tell you that aishwarya has recently come from Cannes Film Festival. Her daughter Aaradhya also went with Aishwarya. Aishwarya's hand is injured. Still, the actress did not leave her work and walked on the red carpet.

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