This summer, individuals are not interested in leaving their houses. In such a case, expecting people to go to the cinema to see a re-released film is a bad idea. However, Rajamouli's action-epic rrr, starring ram charan and Jr NTR, is set to be re-released on May 10 in an attempt to defy expectations and get audiences to theatres.
It's worth noting that rrr debuted only two years ago. Following its successful theatrical run, it has had numerous viewings on both television and OTT platforms. Now, this has been the most poorly performed movie among all the re-releases. It was re-released last year following Naatu Naatu's Academy Award triumph. However, the public response was lackluster at the time.
Given that experience, many are questioning the rationale of yet another re-release. Just last week, Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab was re-released in an attempt to make a political statement, but it failed to get viewers to cinemas. people are concerned that the same scenario may happen to RRR.
Furthermore, people appear to be more interested in seeing older films in theatres rather than relatively recent movies such as rrr, which are still fresh in their minds. Thus, the decision to re-release the film raised eyebrows throughout the industry.


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