Sukumar, creative director, gave some intriguing information at the arya 20th anniversary celebration in hyderabad yesterday. Many people were drawn in by how he disclosed the film's item song, 'Aa Ante Amalapuram'. This is what he stated.

"I have no interest in using an item song in my film. But dil raju garu demanded I keep one. That's how Aah Ante Amalapuram came about. Though I didn't like parts of the lyrics and missed out on casting a star heroine for the song because dil raju refused to pay for her business class travel, actress Abhinayasri killed it. But the irony is that Raju garu, who insisted on item songs, has decided not to include them in his forthcoming films, whilst I have begun to include item songs in all of my films, despite my dislike for doing so. "He started it, but I became addicted to them for commercial reasons," sukumar explained.

Sukumar's item numbers, such as Ringa Ringa (100% Love), london Babu (1-Nenokkadine), and Oo Antava (Pushpa), demonstrate how imaginatively he carves item songs and incorporates them into his films. And it's difficult to imagine that he's using item music to generate commercial revenue for the movies, even if they're not to his liking.

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