Raj R of mallesham fame made his hindi debut with his second film, 8 A.M. Metro, which starred gulshan devaiah and saiyami kher in prominent parts. The movie, which is accessible on Zed 5, has garnered an extraordinary response. 8 A.M. Metro tells the tale of two strangers who meet accidentally on the metro and form an odd friendship, discovering themselves and each other in the process.
The transformation of "Andamaina Jeevitam" into a hindi film displays the filmmakers' dedication to pushing boundaries and conveying essential storylines from regional literature to a larger audience.

The film represents an increasing trend of localized tales being showcased on the national stage, promoting a broader awareness for other cultures and experiences.
From reviewers to ordinary audiences, everyone appreciates the film, the director, the lead actors, and the technical staff. Here's how Reddit users responded to the movie.
"#8ammetro is a simple and touching narrative about fixing life's issues and forming friendships via poetry in the era of social media. It's a wonderful movie; I'll rate it 9.5 out of 10."

"#8AMMetro addresses some tough themes with such sincerity and beauty! :) A meticulously crafted masterwork by incredible artists and creators, presented with simplicity. It will absolutely be on my 'list of films worth rewatching'.."
"Stream #8AMMetro for free on @ZEE5India." A film not to be missed. So poetic and serene. "Must watch."
So, enjoy your weekend with this one-of-a-kind emotional performer at 8 a.m. Metro.

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