'Feels Effortless To Work With This Cast...': shriya pilgaonkar Talks About Her Bond With 'The Broken News' Co-Actors

In a conversation with  Live over the telephone, Shriya talked about the bond she shares with 'The Broken News' co-stars and her favorite characters to date.

The Broken news Season 2

After an exciting season 1, 'The Broken news Season 2' has also received great reviews from the audience. Unveiling the realities of journalism and the constant battle between right, wrong, and TRPs, the show beautifully unveils the kind of dilemmas a journalist faces and the added pressure of big businessmen and paid PR. In addition, the show also delves into the bond of friendship that goes beyond the boundaries of likes, comments, and TRPs, and the innate urge to always stand for the truth no matter how adverse situations become.

In a conversation with  Live over the telephone, Shriya talked about the bond she shares with 'The Broken News' co-stars and her favorite characters to date.

Shriya On Her Favourite Character:

Being the versatile actress that Shriya is, all her characters bring something new to the plate offering audiences a glimpse of her versatility. On being asked which is her favorite one, Shriya said, "It's like to pick who my favorite child is because all of these parts hold a very special place in my heart and I'm very grateful that writers and makers who have given me such beautiful scope to perform

Kashaf Kaze from 'Guilty Minds', I would say is very special to me because of how much I have learned through that experience. The layers in the character were beautiful and I think that was a transformative experience for me. And even Radha in season two... I think both these characters being lawyers and a news reporter, see them not only as women in the workspace but also in their personal lives- What do they feel about love and family and desire and ambition? You're seeing them in such a holistic, wholesome, multidimensional way that there's a lot that I learned and honestly, I'm very emotionally attached to both of these characters. But, even Madhu from Taza Khabar..." she added.

Shriya On The Bond She Shares With Her Co-Stars:

With Sonali Bendre, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Jaideep Ahlawat, Faisal Rashid, and Taaruk Raina reprising their roles of fierce journalists in Season 2, shriya pilgaonkar got to spend a lot of time with them on sets.

On the show, Radha shares a a close bond with Ameena, Kamal, and Ruhi but they share a close bond off-screen as well.

She said, "We hit it off in season 1 immediately and that helps because when we are showing an office set-up, we had to create a certain dynamic, and Faizal and Sanjeeta both are incredible people. For Sonali, I mean I was her fan earlier but after shooting for The Broken news, I am not just a fan but I am also a friend. The atmosphere on set is so genuine and everybody is so focused on what they do, but at the same time there is a very genuine fondness for each other and that helps when you are creating these dynamics on screen."

And in season 2, because we already knew each other, the foundation of that bond was already laid. It feels effortless to work with this cast and even Jaideep and that side of the josh office, I am very fortunate that I got to work with even that side we see in the show. Jaideep is one of my favorite actors and favorite human beings- he is fantastic and there is so much I have learned from him. Even the Radha-Dipankar dynamic, there are so many undertones to it which a lot of people have loved watching," she added.

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