Badhshah Wants To End Feud With Honey Singh; Says ‘I’ve Left That Phase Behind'

After more than a decade, rapper Badshah publicly declared to end the rift with Honey Singh.

Popular Indian singer and rapper badshah, known for his groovy song lyrics, has decided to put an end to his long-standing feud with senior musician Honey Singh. The rift, which began a couple of years ago due to a misunderstanding, had caused tension between the two contemporaries.

During a recent concert (GraFest 2024) in Dehradun, badshah addressed rumors about his strained relationship with Honey Singh. He paused his performance to announce his decision to move on and leave the past behind. 

Badshah said, “There was a phase in my life where I held this grudge against one, and now, I want to call it quits and leave that grudge behind and that’s Honey Singh,” was quoted by PTI.

He elaborated on the issue, saying, “I was unhappy because of some misunderstanding but then I realized when we were together, 'Jodne wale bahut kam the tonnes waale bahut the(There were many people to break us and only a handful to keep us together). Today, I just want to let everyone know I’ve left that phase behind and I wish him all the best,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, honey singh has not reacted to Badshah’s statement yet. 

About badshah and Honey Singh’s feud 

Despite their differences, both Badshah and honey singh have remained at the top of the indian rap scene, boasting massive fan followings. badshah and honey singh were once part of the rap band Mafia Mundeer, alongside artists like Ikka, Lil Golu, and Raftaar. The band delivered numerous hits such as ‘Khol Botal’, ‘Begani Naar Buri’, and ‘Delhi ke Deewane’. However, their collaboration came to an end in 2009 following a public fallout. Since then, they have often exchanged criticism for each other online, further fueling their feud.

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