Janhvi Kapoor Surprises netizens With Views On Casteism, Ambedkar & Gandhi; Fans Say 'Apun Boht Prejudiced Hai'

However, Janhvi Kapoor seems to have impressed fans when she opened up on casteism and the ideological differences between mahatma gandhi and BR Ambedkar.

It is a stereotype associated with many Gen-Z actors, particularly star kids out there, that they may not be particularly politically aware. However, Janhvi Kapoor seems to have impressed fans when she opened up on casteism and the ideological differences between mahatma gandhi and BR Ambedkar.

In an interview, janhvi kapoor shared that she has a keen interest in history. When asked by the interviewer which period of history she would like to time-travel to, janhvi kapoor said she would answer honestly provided he does probe her on the same since it may not sit well with the audience.

Janhvi Kapoor on mahatma gandhi, BR Ambedkar & casteism

Janhvi then said she'd like to see mahatma gandhi, the Father of the nation, and BR Ambedkar, the Father of the indian Constitution, debate about their views on casteism.

Pleasantly surprised by Janhvi's father, she said, "I think Ambedkar was still very clear and stern from the start about what his stand was. But I think Gandhi's view kept evolving as he got more and more exposed to (casteism). Ye jo jativaad ka samasya hai humare samaj mein, ek third person se jaankari lena aur usey Jeena, use bahut farak hai, bahut antar hai( this issue about casteism in our society, to take information from a third person and to live it, there's a big difference there).

When the interviewer asked if there was any conversation about caste in her school, she refused and reinstated, "In fact, mere ghar mein kabhi caste ko le kar koi conversation nahi hui ( there was no conversation about caste even at my home)."

Fans applaud Janhvi Kapoor's understanding of political sciences

Soon after a clip of the interview went viral and netizens could not stop talking about Janhvi's honesty when it came to talking about political issues. A user on X shared a clip of Janhvi's views and wrote, "Rather surprised to see this from a mainstream bollywood actor. janhvi kapoor on Ambedkar, gandhi & caste (applause emoji).” 

When another user pointed out how Swara Bhasker also speaks about political issues, several users wrote, "Here is simply no comparison. Swara has been a strong political voice in the country for a long time now, more so than anyone else in the entire Bollywood.”

A comment read, "Very rare to see such level of understanding and study (applause emoji).” “Yeah, it's surprising... That too from the new-gen bollywood actress... And she knows what she is speaking about... Apan bohut prejudiced hain inke liye lekin (we're very biased about them but) she is so clear in her mind.”

Some netizens were unimpressed

Despite many who appreciated Janhvi, several others were also unimpressed. One of them said, "Lol, except taking two famous names what intellectualism did I miss here?” Another wrote, "I tried hard to see what it is that she had said that was so exceptional. Anything she said could be said of any two prominent politicians before 1947. Had she said that gandhi and Ambedkar didn’t have and couldn’t provide answers to complex social questions.” 

"I'm surprised that you’re surprised- don’t know what to make of it? What did she say other than ‘their thoughts kept evolving w/ time and Ambedkar lived poverty and Gandhi enacted poverty’ blah blah…most of us know this- where is the substance?”A user wrote.

Janhvi Kapoor works the front

On the work front, Janhi Kapoor will next be seen in 'Mr & Mrs. Mahi' alongside Rajkummar Rao.

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