What happened to the face of Ayesha Singh? 

Actress Ayesha Singh of the popular tv show 'Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein' recently surprised her fans with her instagram post. On May 19, Ayesha posted some pictures showing her swollen face and informing her fans about her health. In the caption of this post, the actress told that she is in the recovery phase because due to some reason her face has become swollen.

Facial swelling is not reducing

Ayesha had revealed that she is taking medicines and is also consulting doctors to know the reason behind her swollen face. In an interview, Ayesha Singh expressed concern about her face because doctors were unable to tell the reason for the swelling on her face. Revealing when this happened, Ayesha said that she was at home with her family when her face started swelling. Ayesha claimed that after getting tested, it was not known what was wrong and the pain started increasing. The 'Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein' fame actress shared, 'I was not able to open my mouth even to talk. When half of my face became swollen and there was a lot of pain, I got worried. I thought this could be a big thing. Ayesha revealed that she consulted two different doctors but the reason for the swelling could not be found.

Doctors did not find swelling

He further said, 'I consulted a third doctor and still we could not find the reason for the sudden swelling. The actress revealed that doctors are considering her swelling as an infection. Ayesha told that she has been suffering from pain for a long time and there has been no change in her face yet. Ayesha Singh also told that the doctor said that it will take 10 more days to get the results of the new treatment. The actress told that she hopes that she will recover soon.

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