Paparazzi get money…, Janhvi revealed the secret...

Jhanvi Kapoor is in the headlines these days for her upcoming film Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. In this film, she will be seen sharing the screen with Rajkumar Rao. Currently, the actress is promoting the film vigorously. Amidst all this, Jhanvi recently talked about the paparazzi culture in tinsel town. In fact, in a latest interview, the actress revealed that paparazzi get paid on the basis of the pictures clicked by them.

Jhanvi Kapoor exposes paparazzi culture

In an interview given to Lallantop, Jhanvi told that there is a 'celebrity ration card'. She further said, “For example, when the promotion of the film is going on, the paparazzi were called to click my picture at the airport, but when the promotion of the film is not going on, when I am not on the shoot, then I want to disappear.” . Then, if they take the extra effort, and this has happened many times, they follow the vehicle, because they get paid for every picture, every image. Every celebrity has a ration card. Their pictures are sold for this much. If your price is high, then they reach, follow the vehicle. If the price is not that high, then a call is made. Sometimes they arrive when called and sometimes they do not.” In the same interview, the actress mentioned that for the promotion of Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, she had taken 25-30 flights but the media reached there only 5-6 times to click her pictures.

Paps were requested not to click pictures outside the gym

  She further revealed that she had requested the paps not to click her pictures outside the gym as she did not want to be seen in "tight" gym clothes. She said, “I don't want people to see me in tight gym clothes and when those photos came out, they used to say that I am deliberately trying to be seen wearing these tight clothes. So don't pull it, I don't invite you outside the gym. He also said that he had requested him and now he does not come.

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