Juhi Parmar was a victim of casting couch at the age of 17...

TV actress Juhi Parmar is one of the most popular actresses in the industry. There was a time when Juhi Parmar, who became famous with the tv show 'Kumkum', ruled millions of hearts. Her name was included in the list of top most actresses of TV. His show ran for seven years. The actress also participated in salman Khan's reality show 'Bigg Boss 5' and also became the actress winner of that season.

When 'Kumkum' faced the pain of casting couch?

Recently, in an interview with Hotterfly, Juhi Parmar revealed that she has faced casting couch. She surprised everyone by saying that she was asked to shoot wearing a two-piece bikini and compromise to become popular in the industry. When Juhi was asked about casting couch, she remembered that she was 17 years old when a channel head asked her to shoot a music album. She revealed that she was asked to wear a bikini in front of the camera. But Juhi was not afraid even at that age and she courageously replied to the channel head and rejected the offer. Angered by Juhi's reply of not doing this scene, the channel head said that there is a word called compromise and asked Juhi whether she thinks she will be able to survive in this industry. Juhi replied that she would not make any compromise and after this the actress returned home. She left the office of that channel.

She is raising her daughter as a single mother.

Juhi further told that when she was 43 years old, she had bought a second-hand maruti 800 and she saw the same channel head standing outside her office. She told him that she had not made any compromise and was living happily. Juhi has been a part of 'Woh', 'Churiyan', 'Shaheen' and many tv shows. He was last seen in the web series 'Yeh Meri Family 2'. Let us tell you that Juhi, as a single mother, takes care of her daughter Samaira.

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