Enmity between badshah and honey singh ended…

Badshah is an indian rapper and singer. He mostly sings songs for albums, but he has also lent his voice to films. Today, many rappers may have come into the country, but there was a time when only honey singh was popular among rappers. The views of any song sung by him were in crores. At that time, badshah used to work for honey singh, but at one time there was a distance between the two. That distance gradually turned into enmity. But now after many years, badshah has put an end to the enmity with Honey Singh.

The king ended the dispute

During a concert in Dehradun, badshah told his fans that he is ready to put an end to these controversies and move ahead. He said, 'There was a period in my life when I had a grudge against a person, but now I want to end it and leave that grudge and move ahead and that person is Honey Singh.' The king further said, I was sad due to some misunderstanding. Then when we came together, I realized that there were less people who united us and more people who broke us.

Badshah wished Honey Singh

Badshah further said, today I want to tell everyone that I have left that era and now I wish them all the best. However, honey singh has not yet responded to these comments of Badshah. Now fans are eagerly waiting for his answer. Let us tell you that both badshah and honey singh are one of the top rappers of the country and they have a good fan following.

Rappers used to work for mafia uniforms

In the initial phase of their career, both the rappers used to work together for a band named Mafia Mundir Mein. Rappers like Ikka, Lil Golu and Raftaar were also with him in this band. This band together sang many songs like 'Khol Bottle', 'Begani Naar Buri' and 'Dilli Ke Deewane', which were liked by the fans. However, later there was a separation between badshah and honey singh and their quarrel became public.

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