Aadhya will completely destroy Anu, what will Anuj do?

The continuous dangerous twists coming in rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer tv show 'Anupama' are succeeding in attracting the attention of the audience. The show has been on top in TRP and the reason for this is the interesting twists and turns coming in the serial. Recently Anu won the Superstar Chef trophy and she also reopened the Spice and Chutney restaurant with the prize money. Yashdeep makes him a partner in the restaurant.

Aadhya will completely destroy Anu.

Also, Anupama gives Toshu a job as a waiter and Toshu feels insulted by this job because he is an MBA. However, Anu wants him to learn and move forward. Anuj, Aadhya and shruti are living happily but Aadhya's hatred towards her mother is not ending. We saw that she asks Anuj to keep Anu away on her birthday. She spoils the birthday decorations made by Anu. shruti also asks Anuj to keep Anu away at least on Aadhya's birthday. On the other hand, Anu will once again be seen facing a big problem as cockroaches are found in Anu's biryani. When cockroach is found in the dish, Anu is insulted by the people there and the people there break everything in the restaurant.

There will be a new twist in the show

Yashdeep was not there because he had gone for a meeting. Anuj also watches the news about cockroaches and Aadhya leaves shruti alone. He runs to be with Anu and tries to support her. Anu blames Toshu and suspects that he is the one who did it. Yashdeep and Biji also get shocked after seeing everything. Anuj apologizes for calling Anu. Yashdeep gets angry at Anu and questions her for being irresponsible. Anu breaks down while Anuj goes to support her. Aadhya decides to ruin Anu's day by spoiling her birthday. However, after hearing Aadhya's words, Anuj will shout at her and insult her for hurting Anu.

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