Mumbai Police's eyes fixed on 'Heeramandi'…

Indian cinema's powerful filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's first web series 'Hiramandi' has been very much liked. This web series, which came on Netflix on May 1, created a stir on OTT. Only 'Hiramandi' is being discussed everywhere on social media and now mumbai police has also noticed it. mumbai police has shared some pictures under the safety campaign which are both funny and important. When the whole world is talking about 'Hiramandi', then why should mumbai police lag behind? mumbai police is using 'Hiramandi' in its safety campaign. He has shared some pictures on social media.

Mumbai Police's safety campaign on the lines of 'Hiramandi'

Mumbai police has shared three pictures in which different things are written. While sharing this post, he wrote, 'Freedom is not a hobby, Nawab Saheb, it is a war to never break the rules.' Along with this, three pictures have been shared in which different things have been written regarding the safety campaign. It was written in one of the pictures, 'Take a look once, make us crazy, we are ready to issue a challan, just wear a helmet.' In the second picture it was written, 'Old passwords are not repeated, they are forgotten.' In the third post it is written, 'There is no difference between giving OTP and being ruined.'

Let us tell you, along with critics and audiences, people all over the world are praising 'Hiramandi' for its stunning visuals, tremendous story and strong acting. Critics say that sanjay leela bhansali has done a brilliant job of recreating an era with authenticity and grandeur in "Hiramandi". As people everywhere are loving 'Hiramandi: The Diamond Bazaar', it is clear that Bhansali's new work is a masterpiece that will be remembered for a long time.

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