Anil Kapoor and Farah snatched the chair…?

This time farah khan and anil kapoor came to Kapil Sharma's show. Both of them had a lot of fun with Kapil. The show started in a slightly different way.

Kapil arrived in the middle of the dance shoot.

At the very beginning of the show, kapil sharma sees anil kapoor dancing and farah khan who is choreographing him and gets lost in his dreams. While he is watching himself dancing in place of Anil, Anil and Farah come and start pulling his leg. They say that you just do the work of making people laugh. It may happen that people start laughing after seeing your dance. Farah and Anil took the place of archana and Kapil as soon as they entered. Both farah khan and anil kapoor talk to Kapil that both of them will replace archana puran singh and Kapil Sharma. Anil hosts for some time and Farah is seen laughing like Archana.

As soon as Kapil's show starts, it starts raining jokes.

As soon as Kapil's show starts, jokes start happening one after the other. On one hand, Farah and Anil are seen laughing while showing their bonding with each other, while on the other hand, Kapil manages to make everyone laugh through his one-liners.

Joke made on Anil Kapoor's dance moves

Making fun of Anil Kapoor's dance moves, kapil sharma asked farah khan - Dhol started playing and when I saw a girl, I felt like this, both these songs have been choreographed by Farah and in both the songs, anil kapoor is not doing any dance. Couldn't be seen. What is the reason for this? Was Anil taking advantage of friendship and avoiding the dance? In response to this, Farah says that when anil kapoor was a star and I was a newcomer, while teaching him dance moves, I started feeling that my career might get ruined. An echo of laughter is heard at this point.

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