Telugu social media users expressed unhappiness with two malayalam films that were popular in kerala and grossed over ₹100 crores at the box office. The films in question are 'Premalu' and 'Aavesham,' which received tremendous appreciation during their theatrical runs in Malayalam.
Following their debut on OTT platforms, many telugu netizens resorted to social media to question the buzz surrounding the flicks. Many people are asking what made Premalu so famous for its ridiculous humor and mundane sequences. Even Aavesham has not piqued many people's interest because the entire film sounds like a comic don scene from many telugu films, such as oosaravelli and others. They simply remark that these two films are overrated.

Aside from the lack of a decent script, many telugu netizens believe that the storyline in these films is subpar and fails to interest the viewer successfully. Furthermore, several viewers commented that the performances in the movie, although adequate, did not stand out as particularly memorable.
Despite their popularity in kerala and substantial box office numbers, these films have received mixed reaction among telugu consumers on OTT platforms. Overall, Premalu and Aavesham are hits in kerala, each with their own fans.

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