Even the great filmmaker SS rajamouli has not revealed anything about his forthcoming film, which stars Superstar Mahesh in the major role. When asked about #SSMB29 during a recent interview about the Baahubali cartoon series, the director simply grinned and moved on. However, Mahesh is always thrilling the public about this project with his suggestions.
Mahesh Babu has caused a sensation with his look, donning long hair reminiscent of 1990s cinema icons. Despite his efforts to conceal it with an Adidas hat, people were quick to notice the drastic shift on his voting visit on May 13th. His thick beard and long hair, together with a plain blue T-shirt and pants, have showed fans what to anticipate from #SSMB29.

According to current sources, shooting for #SSMB28 is scheduled to begin in august 2024, however no specific date has been set. The film is a worldwide adventure and action thriller, with Mahesh playing a figure similar to Indiana Jones. KL Narayana will fund the project. SSMB29 is a forthcoming Pan-Indian film featuring mahesh babu as the main. Legendary writer Vijayendra prasad wrote the screenplay for the film, which will be directed by his son, SS Rajamouli.

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