Pushpa: The Rule is one of the most anticipated projects in recent years. There are only three months until the film's release date, which is set for august 15th this year. The creators do not want any delays since they want to reach the deadline.
According to insiders, the crew has still to shoot two tracks that have an item number. The entire team is working around the clock to get the shoot completed on time. The crew had already experienced a great deal of tension before the first portion was released.

Sukumar did not have enough time available during the first part's release to oversee post-production and make essential modifications to the finished product. devi sri prasad was also chastised for not providing a high score due to time restrictions.
The team hopes to overcome such circumstances in the second portion. They expect the first copy to be available by the third week of July. As of today, the talkie component is still waiting, and it is being delayed due to scheduling conflicts with several artists. Regardless, sukumar wants to finish the picture on schedule.

Allu Arjun is working hard to ensure that the film's release goes well. Post-production is already in full gear, and mythri movie makers intends to finalise commercial transactions by the end of June, once the teaser is aired. The film is hugely popular across the country, particularly in the North.

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