Puri Jagannath's recent film, LIGER, bombed at the box office. The filmmaker disappointed everyone, but with the launch of Double iSmart, he attempted to regain the audience's affection once more. However, the film's latest trailer does not appear to show puri as the winner.
iSmart Shankar, featuring ram pothineni, was his first collaboration with puri Jagannath. The film was a surprising smash in both of their careers. When the film was popular, they decided to develop a sequel. Everyone was optimistic when the second part was announced, but the most recent teaser dashed their expectations.

The preview did not generate much interest on social media or in cinema circles. The teaser frenzy didn't last long on social media, at least. Everyone automatically compared it to the teaser from the previous section, and this time they were disappointed.
The icing on the cake is that there were no negative or positive replies. It's a hazardous tendency in the movie business. If anything attracts either favourable or negative attention, it might be used as promotional material. However, if something fails to spark a conversation, it will be difficult for the creators to bring it to the public.

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