Star hero Prabhas' abrupt social media statement regarding someone coming into our lives has sparked speculation that it is all about Prabhas' personal life. The time and message prabhas uploaded appear to be intended to cause confusion among fans and the wider audience.
 While many experts dismissed it as an update on Prabhas' next film kalki 2898 AD and nothing to do with the Salaar actor's personal life, now comes another ridiculous rumour. payal rajput, of Mangalavaram and RX00 fame, recently wrote something like 'I shall be a darling for someone', and with Prabhas' latest statement, people have begun to speculate that prabhas is marrying Payal Rajput.

Payal Rajput is a huge fan of prabhas, as she has said in several previous interviews. Also, footage of Payal expressing her appreciation for prabhas and kissing his posters are becoming viral.
Nonetheless, Prabhas' social media tease will be all about kalki 2898 AD, with no mention of payal rajput or his wedding.
Anushka's name was frequently associated with prabhas, and those rumours vanished as well. It appears that Prabhas' uncommon update sparked quite a ruckus. social media is always spreading rumours like a wildfire.

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