The internet has already tasted the 'elevation' when word spread that Global Star Jr NTR's upcoming film, directed by India's biggest film director, Prashanth Neel, is named "Dragon". director's been referred to as a 'tiger' for a long time, and renowned rajamouli emphasised this when director introduced tarak with a 'tiger chase' sequence in RRR. Here's an interesting comment.

Apparently, in Salaar, Superstar prabhas is likened to Dinosaur, and the first trailer of the film emphasised this. Since then, prabhas has been dubbed to as a box office dinosaur, which has his fans pleased. Now that jr ntr is being cast as Dragon, one may predict who prashanth neel would portray in the film. Furthermore, the filmmaker has rumoured projects with ram charan and Vijay devarakonda in the works, raising the issue of what Neel will utilise after the dinosaur and dragon.

Anyway, we must first watch Salaar 2 and NTR's project from prashant Neel, and then he may even shoot kgf 3 with Yash, before moving on to other films. For the time being, the filmmaker kept the audience wondering about his next choice of words to raise the heroes.

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