Uorfi Javed is looking for a job, shared her resume!!!

Uorfi Javed is famous for her unique fashion sense. She always attracts people's attention with her strange style. However, the social media star often gets trolled because of her strange dresses. Despite this, Uorfi keeps adopting some tricks to remain in the headlines. Currently, the social media sensation has posted his resume requesting for a job.

Uorfi Javed asked for job by sharing resume

Let us tell you that Urfi has shared a picture on her instagram and has written in the caption, “Ready to work as a receptionist!!! Yes, I am looking for a job... because May 31st is really close and my fashion influence is in danger. Right now I have to satisfy my hungry stomach...this is the best thing for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated guys! Help me find a new job before May 31st!! (If you love me, please tell @Myntra not to sell your End of Reason).”

Users are commenting a lot on Uorfi Javade's post.

Urfi has also written interesting things in the experience column in her interesting resume. She has written, “If I can handle trolls, I can handle your calls too.” Users are also commenting a lot on this post of Uorfi. Some have offered him job. So some said that why did they need the job? Some have made fun of the actress' post.

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