Is there a cold war between rupali and Sudhanshu Pandey? 

Rajan Shahi's show Anupama always remains on top in the TRP charts. This show has a huge fan following since day one. Initially its story was around rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey. Both were in the role of husband and wife. However, gradually their relationship deteriorated and they got divorced. Even though disputes and fights are seen between them in the show. But off screen there was a good friendship between the two.

Cold war between Sudhanshu and Rupali?

He also used to share videos and photos while having fun on social media. But then news of cold war started coming between them. However, both always denied it. Now sudhanshu pandey talked about these rumors in an interview with siddharth Kanan. Sudhanshu said that there used to be differences of opinion regarding scenes on the set, this is part of the creative process. There was no personal fight.

Sudhanshu said that having creative differences is good for the growth of the show. Sudhanshu denied fighting and quarreling with Rupali. He said that they have a good bond off screen. Sudhanshu also revealed Rupali's nickname as 'Bangali', which was later merged into Banguly (Bengali and Rupali).

Sudhanshu said- There was no problem. What happens many times is that when we are working on the sets, there is an argument over some issue, some scene. Can happen to anyone. How many people do I belong to? Now, because rupali and I are actors, it is possible that someone might have caught it early that he or she has got into trouble.

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