Grandfather N.T. ram Rao Memorial Jr. N.T.R. Tribute!

Late telugu actor and former chief minister of andhra pradesh N.D. Rama Rao was visited by his grandson Jr. N.T.R. Others paid tribute.Jr ntr pays tribute to late grandfather NT Ramarao on 101st birth anniversary.

The 101st birth anniversary of late telugu actor and former chief minister of andhra pradesh ND Ramara is being celebrated today. On this occasion, telugu actor Jr. ntr visited his late grandfather's memorial at ntr Ghat and paid tribute to his late grandfather. junior ntr was accompanied by his half-brother Nandamuri kalyan Ram.

At N.D. ram Rao Memorial, his grandson Jr. N.T.R. Tribute photos and videos are going viral. In it, Jr. ntr can be seen sitting on the ground and observing silence at the memorial. In this event, N.T.R. Many of his family members including son and actor Nandamuri balakrishna were also present.

Late NT ram Rao was an actor, film producer and politician who achieved many achievements in many fields. He has served as the chief minister of the united andhra pradesh for 3 times. NT Rama Rao has acted in around 300 films and has won three National Awards. ND ram Rao passed away on 18th january 1996 at his residence in Hyderabad.

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