Angry people will pelt stones at Anupamaa…

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer tv show 'Anupamaa' is getting a lot of love. This show is on top of the TRP charts and the recent story of the serial is going very interesting. Anupamaa will once again have to face a lot of humiliation. Adhya and shruti try to take Anuj back but he says that he is there for Anu.

Angry people will pelt stones at Anupamaa

Angry people outside Spice and Chutney restaurant will start pelting stones at Anu, due to which a stone will hit Anu's head and she will faint. The matter does not end here, Spice and Chutney is closed and Anu's Superstar Chef trophy is also taken away. people start throwing stones at her and Biji gets hurt. Anu faints after seeing Biji. Anupamaa will get hurt a lot due to the stone pelting on her.

Anuj takes her to the hospital while Aadhya and shruti get worried for her. In the latest episode of 'Anupama', we will see that Anuj will decide to stay with Anu all the time. He will support her and will not leave her alone, while Aadhya and shruti want him to stay away from her. Viewers had earlier seen that shruti was talking to someone about Anu on call. It is possible that shruti is behind harassing Anu.

Anuj will decide to leave the wedding preparations and stay with Anu!

In the upcoming episode, we can see shruti creating more trouble for Anu and force her to go back to India. Because Anuj will leave his wedding preparations and be present with Anu in the hospital and take care of her. Seeing all this, shruti will feel very jealous. But Anuj will stand with Anu without caring about shruti and Aadhya. Only Anuj will support Anupama in this difficult time. Many twists will be seen in the story of the latest episode.

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