Hardik Pandya met Natasha's parents after so many years…

The news of hardik pandya and natasha Stankovic's separation is in the news these days. It is being said that both are separating because natasha has removed Pandya from her surname. However, both have not yet reacted to all these things. Meanwhile, a heart-touching video of hardik pandya has surfaced, in which he is hugging Natasha's parents for the first time.

When hardik hugged Natasha's mother

This video has been shared on hardik Pandya's instagram account. In this video, he is seen hugging Natasha's mother and father. There is no complaint on anyone's face. Natasha's mother is hugging hardik and saying that she knew that he would definitely come to meet her. At the same time, hardik is saying that Natasha's family is now my family. I felt very good meeting everyone. Apart from Hardik's instagram, this video has also been uploaded on Natasha's YouTube channel.

Natasha-Hardik got married after the birth of the child

Let us tell you that hardik pandya met Natasha's parents two years after marriage and after having a son. natasha has also shared all these videos in her vlogs. The couple welcomed their son in lockdown and the same year both of them got married at home. After a secret wedding at home, natasha and hardik also had a grand wedding ceremony in jodhpur in 2023. During this, their son also attended.

Told love story at the time of marriage

Let us tell you that natasha and hardik got married twice. During the same celebration, natasha also released a video with hardik pandya, in which she talked about her love story. During this, hardik praised his wife and also told that natasha had taught him many things, including being patient.

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