Rakhi Sawant groans in pain while walking…

Rakhi Sawant is in the headlines these days due to her ill health. Rakhi's ex-husband Ritesh is taking care of her. He keeps giving Rakhi's health updates to social media and paparazzi. Due to which fans get to know about her. Recently rakhi sawant has undergone surgery for uterus tumor. After which her health is better now. Rakhi has been discharged from the hospital. Ritesh has now shared a video of Rakhi. In which she is seen walking for the first time after surgery. In the video, Rakhi is held by the nurse. She is trying to walk but she is in a lot of pain. The doctor is also seen explaining to her. Rakhi is crying in pain while walking. Fans are upset to see Rakhi in so much pain.

Ritesh shared the video

Sharing Rakhi Sawant's video from the hospital, Ritesh wrote- 'I am very happy, Rakhi ji will be among us soon. It was nice to see her doing her initial walk today. Thanks to god and the public.' Seeing Rakhi walking, fans are commenting a lot. They are wishing for her speedy recovery. One wrote- 'It is good that Ritesh sir is supporting Rakhi.' While another wrote- 'No matter how Ritesh is, he helps her in her bad times.' One wrote- Get well soon Didi.

Discharged from hospital

Let us tell you that rakhi sawant has been discharged from the hospital after the surgery. Ritesh had told that Rakhi's surgery was successful. He had said in a conversation with the media- Some people were laughing a lot. I think such people are inhuman who make fun of someone's pain. See how big Rakhi's tumor is. Rakhi, you don't worry, we will take care of you.


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