No investment, no office, how YouTuber shilpa Khatwani earns 50 lakhs every month, you can also try

 YouTuber shilpa Khatwani says that she earns lakhs of rupees every month by making reels on social media. She also told me the tricks for this.

Youtuber shilpa Khatwani Earns 50 Lakhs Every Month: There are many influencers in the world of social media. They earn lakhs of rupees every month sitting at home just based on their content. Their funny content or some useful videos make those influencers earn a lot. One of these influencers is YouTuber shilpa Khatwani. Her videos are watched by millions of people and are liked a lot. shilpa makes videos with her husband Sajid Shahid. 

Started a career in photography 

Shilpa, a resident of Bareilly, studied in her city itself, after which she went to delhi to do mass communication. There she met Sajid Shahid. Both started their career with photography. Earlier both used to shoot for brandslater they started doing photoshoots for celebs. At that time, they had not thought of content creation. But after marriage and during Corona, the idea of making reels came to their mind. 

Shilpa says that her reels were liked so much from the beginning that her followers increased from five thousand to one lakh within a month. shilpa says that if you also want to move forward in this line, then definitely share at least one video daily. She says that you can earn lakhs through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Through YouTube and Facebook, your earnings are based on views, but on Instagram, brand collaboration happens. 

Shilpa said that if you are a food vlogger and share your recipes on Instagram, then brands contact you and tell you to use their masala or oil and they also pay you for it. Shilpa says that by doing this you can earn from 20 thousand rupees to 50 lakhs sitting at home.

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