Is the child suffering the punishment for Natasa-Hardik's mistake? Both parents left Agastya, with whom the son lives, video surfaced

Natasa- Hardik: There are rumors of natasha and Hardik's divorce. Amidst all this, krunal pandya has shared a video in which he is seen taking care of Natasha-Hardik's son.

Natasa- hardik Divorce Rumours: bollywood actress Natasa Stankovic and cricketer hardik pandya are in the news these days for their personal life. Rumors are rife that the couple is getting divorced. However, neither of them has reacted to this news yet. Amidst all this, many questions are being raised who is taking care of their 3-year-old son agastya amid the news of Natasa-Hardik's divorce? Let's find out here.

Who is taking care of Natasha-Hardik's son? 

Let us tell you that ever since the rumors of natasha and hardik Pandya's divorce have spread, the couple's son agastya has been seen spending time with his uncle i.e. Hardik Pandya's brother Krunal Pandya. We are not saying this, but Krunal himself has given proof of this on his instagram account. Krunal had earlier posted pictures with Agastya. After this, he has shared many cute videos. In the video, Krunal is seen having a lot of fun with his nephew agastya and son Kabir. Krunal and his wife Pankhudi are also seen acting like children with the children in the video.

Users are asking whether natasha left her son with her brother-in-law. Now this video is going viral and users on social media are saying that natasha has left her son with her brother-in-law Krunal. One user has written in the comment, "Since hardik and natasha are getting divorced... so Krunal and Pankhuri are now taking care of Agastya." Another has written, "The child is at Krunal and Pankhuri's house for the first time. Otherwise, he always stayed with Natasha." Another wrote, "Really natasha left hardik Pandya."

Krunal also shared a picture with Natasha-Hardik's son.

Before this video, Krunal had also shared pictures of agastya and his son Kabir in his lap. natasha also commented on this picture. After this, some people felt that Krunal was trying to tell through this picture that everything was fine in the Pandya family.

Why did the rumors of Natasha-Hardik's divorce spread?

Let us tell you that the rumors of natasha and Hardik's divorce started flying when natasha removed Pandya from her surname. Since then the rumors are rife and people are speculating that the couple's relationship has broken up. This time Natasha did not even come to the IPL, after which people are finding these rumours to be true. In a post on Reddit, it has been written that the couple has had an open marriage since the beginning and the couple's divorce is a publicity stunt to improve Hardik's image.

Natasha and hardik got married twice.

Hardik and Natasha got married during the lockdown in 2020 after dating for a long time. Two months after the wedding, natasha and hardik welcomed their son Agastya. Last year on February 14, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, the couple had a Christian wedding for the second time.

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