Malaika Arora picked up garbage from the road, got trolled, and users said- 'Not everyone can become Sonu Sood'

Malaika Arora Trolled: A video of malaika arora is becoming viral on social media, in which she can be seen picking up garbage from the road and putting it in the dustbin. Bollywood actress malaika arora has not been active in the film world for a long time. However, she keeps appearing as a judge in reality shows. malaika is also known for her fitness. She is often spotted going to the gym. During this, sometimes her gait and sometimes her clothes are discussed a lot. But recently something happened after which malaika arora is being trolled heavily. 

Malaika Arora's video picking up garbage goes viral

A video of malaika arora is going viral on social media. In this, she is seen in a yellow crop top and shorts. malaika was spotted when she was returning from the gym. malaika arora was entering her building, and at that time she saw some garbage lying in front of her.

She first passed it with her foot and then picked it up and went to throw it in the dustbin. After this video of malaika surfaced, some fans are praising her fiercely, while some people are also trolling the actress. 

People trolled her

Now many users think that malaika Arora's behavior is just a pretense. One user wrote on social media, 'Everyone acts good in front of the camera'. Another said, 'They know that the camera is on'. Another user commented, ' These people would not even touch the garbage of the house and pick up the garbage from the road in front of the camera'. One user even said that 'Not everyone can replace Sonu Sood'. 

Rumors of a breakup with arjun Kapoor

Talking about her personal life, malaika arora is in the news for her relationship with arjun Kapoor. people taunt her a lot about the age difference between the two, although it does not matter to her. Some time ago, there were rumors of malaika arora and arjun Kapoor's breakup. However, both have been together since 2016. 

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