Actress ashwini Kasar was beaten up in a mumbai local train, she said- 'I was kicked and threatened'

Ashwini Kasar Assaulted: Ashwini Kasar said that a female passenger misbehaved with her on the coach of the mumbai local train. She was abused and beaten up. The actress has also demanded action from the police.

Ashwini Kasar Assaulted: Travelling on a local train in the city of dreams, mumbai, is no less than an adventure. Every day, many people travel while pushing and shoving, and during this, passengers also fight among themselves. Now something similar has happened with Marathi actress ashwini Kasar. The actress was assaulted a lot in a mumbai local train, about which she has told on social media.

Ashwini Kasar shared a very painful experience on the mumbai local train. She said that another female passenger misbehaved with her in the train coach. In local trains, people often sit with their feet on the front bench. A woman sitting in front of ashwini Kasar on the train was also sitting in the same wayHer feet were on the seat right next to Ashwini, due to which the actress was feeling uncomfortable.

Abused and kicked!

Ashwini asked the woman to move her legs back from the seat but she did not listen. In such a situation, there was an argument between the two. ashwini was speaking to the woman in Marathi after which the woman started abusing the actress and also kicked her. Ashwini made a video of this entire incident and posted it on her instagram story and demanded action from mumbai Police.

Sharing the post, ashwini Kasar told the matter

In a post on instagram, ashwini Kasar said, 'I do not know the name of this woman. She wanted to sit with her feet in front of me on the train. When I refused, I was kicked. She had a problem with me speaking Marathi during the argument. Even after realizing that I was a public figure, I was threatened. I have full faith in mumbai police and Railway Police. In this story, ashwini tagged mumbai police and Railway police and demanded action.

Ashwini has worked on these TV shows

Let us tell you that ashwini Kasar is a well-known actress on Marathi television. She has been working in serials on the small screen. She got famous for the tv show 'Savitri Jyoti'. Apart from this, she also worked in tv shows like 'Kamala' and 'Katti Batti'.

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