In an unexpected change of events, bollywood star ranveer singh is said to have stormed out of prashant Varma's shooting location, where they were filming for a preview of "Rakshas". The rumor comes amid reports of personality battles and creative disputes between the actor and director.
Ranveer was reportedly caught aback by Prashant's filming technique, which lacked clarity and did not meet the actor's expectations. According to bollywood media sources, a schism between Ranveer and prashant, famed for his work in "Hanu Man," has caused Ranveer to leave the film. Meanwhile, the filmmaker allegedly mocked the rumors of Ranveer leaving.
The actor is now focused on his film 'Singham Again', as well as Farhan Akhtar's Don 3. For those unfamiliar, Ranveer was last seen in karan Johar's rocky Aur rani Kii prem Kahani. The film begins with alia bhatt in the major role. Aside from work, actor ranveer singh spends quality time with his wife, actress deepika Padukone.

The couple will have their first child in September. The two were pictured together on monday when they voted in the 2024 lok sabha elections. On election day, the pair were photographed wearing matching white outfits. Finally, deepika Padukone's obvious baby bulge has put numerous hypotheses to rest.

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