Everyone is raving about Superstar Prabhas' forthcoming film, kalki 2898 AD, not only because of its star-studded ensemble but also because of the spectacular automobiles developed by the mahindra Group. These futuristic automobiles will be unveiled during a large ceremony at ramoji film city on Wednesday. And this is what people are anticipating now.
Apparently, the younger generation is interested to see if anand mahindra, the head of the mahindra Group, would attend the event. He's highly famous among the younger generation on social media for his diverse, thought-provoking, and even humorous postings. The partnership between the film and the mahindra Group to build visually appealing and technologically sophisticated automobile designs for the film occurred after filmmaker nag ashwin made an open request to the mahindra CEO on social media to assist him in designing these cars. Fans are thrilled to witness not only these revolutionary automobiles, but also anand Mahindra.
As the day approaches, his attendance at the automobile introduction would give a particular touch to the proceedings. However, sources suggest that while members of the automobile design team may attend the ceremony, the mahindra Group's Chairman will not.

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