Imagine making a film with this YouTuber who has also proven himself as an actor. While he charges ₹2 crores as pay, the production cost of the film is around ₹5-7 crores, and the marketing investment to distribute the film is another ₹2 crores. And that's the cheapest film telugu producers could create right now, which is hurting box office performance.
Today, stars want pan-India films, whereas large producers prefer films with a budget of at least ₹30 crore. Perhaps this is why they can't produce films rapidly and get them to cinemas. If a film has a budget of ₹2 crores, a small team, and fascinating themes, it may be shot in less a month and released in cinemas within three months after announcement. If they do this, there will be no movie deaths during a healthy Summer season, and there would be no need to close single-screen cinemas for ten days.
Some films under ₹2 crores budget rely on padding actors and glamour to sell to satellite networks, rather than producing material suitable for theatre display. Back in the 2000s, sekhar kammula and directors like Maruthi were creating low-budget films and winning handsomely.

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