Atlee: Biggest salary ever in indian cinema.? ajith film company that bent Atlee!

While atlee is going to direct his next film with actress allu arjun as the hero, the information about the company that is going to produce this film has now been revealed.

Atlee and priya atlee Photos

Atlee, the assistant director of director Shankar... in his first film directed the film with leading celebrities like Nayanthara, Arya, Jai, Nasriya, and turned the film into a hit.


Following this, atlee became one of Thalapathy Vijay's trusted directors and directed three consecutive films like Theri, Mersal. Following this, he moved towards the bollywood film industry.

 His movie 'Jawan' directed by actor shahrukh khan was released in september last year and blew up the theaters with a collection of around 1200 crores. After the success of this film, atlee, who devoted time only to his wife and child for more than 6 religions... is now preparing the story of his next film and is ready to direct the film.


Atlee is all set to direct pushpa star allu arjun in his next film. While allu arjun is soon to join the film... It is said that there was a huge competition in the production of this film, and it is said that Maitri movie Makers, the company that is producing Ajith's 'Good Bad Ugly', is going to pay atlee the highest salary that anyone has ever received in the indian film industry.

The salary is said to be three times more than what atlee got for Jawan. Allu Arjun's pushpa 2 directed by sukumar is also produced by Maitri movie Makers.

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