Ghattamane's son-in-law Sudhir Babu is trying to look very new in every movie. His concepts are also always new. But what's the bad luck, it is not getting proper success at the box office. Although the new combinations are good, most of the successes are far away due to the director's hesitation. And this time, Sudhir Babu has changed completely and is coming in front of the audience with the movie "Harom Hara" to try his luck in the commercial genre.Harom Hara movie is going to release on june 14. mahesh babu released the trailer of the movie. If we go into the details of how the trailer is... this is a story set in the backdrop of 1980s. Sudhir Babu plays the role of Subrahmanyam, an unemployed youth in the film, who lives in kuppam village of chittoor district. Unable to cope with the hardships in his life due to unemployment, he tries to turn his life around using his expertise in gun making with the advice of his friend Sunil. This effort will bear fruit, his gun business will reach a big scale. But, as expected for this success, the enemies will also increase and the police will also be involved in the plot.

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