It is known that director prashant varma, who has earned good recognition with many films like A!, Jambireddy, has achieved a sensational success in the Pan india range with the movie Hanuman this year. He also clarified that all the films he will do after that will be a part of PVCU (Prasanth varma Cinematic Universe). At the same time, a movie was announced with bollywood star hero Ranveer Singh.However, there are reports that this project has been stopped for a few days. It was heard that there were creative differences between the hero and the director, so they took the lead. But recently prashant Verma denied them. Ranveer also said that the look test is complete. Everyone gasped. Now a sensational announcement has come out regarding this project.Mythri movie makers, prashant varma and ranveer singh have officially announced that this is not the right time for this project. Ranveer and Prashanth have revealed through this press note that they have immense respect for each other's work. It is known that there will not be a movie in this combination at present, but there may be in the future. As of now, there is no movie in this crazy combination. According to the press note.. "Prasanth is a very special talent. We both wanted to make a film together. We will collaborate for that exciting project in the future," said Ranveer Singh. "Ranveer's energy and talent are rare. We will work together sometime in the future," said prashant Varma.

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