Taylor Swift reacts to couple's engagement at Eras Tour!!!

Taylor Swift’s concerts are renowned for couples' proposals and engagements. While countless couples have found their happily ever after under the glow of her stadium lights, Taylor herself has rarely witnessed these magical moments firsthand. That all changed under the Edinburgh sun. Performing during the daylight the Cruel Summer singer witnessed a concertgoer take romance to the next level. As the entire stadium held its breath, the real surprise was when Taylor caught wind of the scene and even reacted to it.

Taylor Swift reacts to marriage proposal in Edinburgh

"You put me on and said I was your favourite," Taylor wrapped up her cardigan set as she glanced over the extra cheery crowd at Murrayfield Stadium. Suddenly, a smile lit up her face, stretching for a few seconds. Lowering her mic, she revealed what she had just witnessed, sending the crowd into a frenzy." “I love performing this entire show in the sunlight ’cause I’m pretty sure I just saw somebody get engaged over here,” She said, and the cheers from the crowd confirmed that what she saw was true and not just a figment of her imagination.

“Did it happen?” The TTPD crooner confirmed once again. As the crowd cheered her on, she threw her arms up in the air and excitedly yelled "Yes." In her most romantic era with Travis Kelce, Taylor might have been feeling incredibly excited to see love in the air.

‘Man, that’s amazing’: Taylor Swift stunned by surprise proposal

"You have no idea," the Blank Space singer continued, emphasizing never having seen one of those epic proposals despite numerous concerts. Well, we guess it's all thanks to the Scottish sun. “I never get to see that, right? ‘Cause it’s dark, usually, at night. But it’s not right now, so congratulations! Wow,” she continued before adding, “I just saw that whole thing!.. Man, that’s amazing.”

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