My hero Academia chapter 425!!!

All is not over for My hero Academia even as the battle against All For One and Shigaraki concluded splendidly. As the name of the ‘Final war Arc’ suggested, fans speculated it would be the final arc of the manga. It made sense as all major characters including All Might, Bakugo, Shoto, and Ochako, as well as its central protagonist and antagonist, Deku and Shigaraki, have completed their character arcs. However, the appearance of a mysterious character in Chapter 425 has opened doors for new plotlines or maybe even a whole new story arc.

The mysterious figure in My hero Academia Chapter 425

The introduction of a new character when the story is about to end only suggests that the plotline of the manga will now take a new direction. The mysterious figure that appeared in the latest chapter of My hero Academia is yet to be identified. All the chapter revealed was the character wandering the streets of japan and a pair of eyes filled with tears. It could be a comeback for All For One or Tenko but their appearance would be futile as their ending arcs were most satisfactory.

Another speculation regarding the dark-haired character is it could be Deku’s father, Hisashi Midoriya because the character appeared to be wearing a muzzle. The creator of the manga, Kōhei Horikoshi did mention a lengthy epilogue to the popular manga but a new character to conclude the existing ones makes little sense.

Another reason to believe this is not the end of My hero Academia

Apart from the appearance of the mysterious character, the plot of the superhero manga has a lot of plot holes to fill. Chapter 425 introduced readers to a new character named Mawata Futa, who is a third-year student and revealed that Aayoma left U.A. It also confirmed that Deku will continue to be a student at the hero Academy even without any quirks and who knows he might turn into one of the first heroes of his kind. Deku needs to accomplish a lot of his goals, fulfil his promise to Shigaraki and reform the hero society to avoid the origin of victims and villains like Tenko.

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