Angad Hasija on undergoing body transformation!!!

Actors often undergo immense body transformation for their roles in films but for television actors the change is a lot more permanent. Actor Angad Hasija, who is currently seen in a daily soap Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye lost 8 kgs earlier this year to attain a leaner look. He says that his fitness journey got easier as he understands his body well. The actor, who started his career in 2008 with popular show Bidaai, says, “Body transformation is very easy. Everything is a mind game and it’s very important to stay in disciplined. If you can keep your mind in discipline, then you can do a lot of things,” he says but quickly adds that undergoing a change can be daunting.

Accepting the change that comes with new shows and new characters, he says, “You can only grow as an actor when you experiment a little. If you are showing the same thing then your acting skills are never seen. I am really enjoying a negative role and I never thought that I will enjoy playing a negative lead in a show. You make your image with so much hard work but as an actor it is very important to do such a character. I am very thankful.”

Angad, who went to mumbai in 2005, has completed 18 years in the television industry and he has seen the showbiz world change and how. The actor, who is currently seen playing a grey character in a television show says that indian soaps have become more practical. “I have to say that television has become very comfortable now as compared to earlier. Earlier we used to work for 50 hours but now its just 12 hours. one percent if there an issue in the telecast, then the schedule moves a little but timing wise it has become very comfortable,” says Angad. He adds,” It’s 9am to 9pm very comfortable, pack up on time and everything is managed very well. I feel this change in a very good way. The concept is very real, dialogue delivery is very real.”

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