Sambhavna Seth to undergo sudden surgery?

Bhojpuri actress Sambhavna Seth remains in the news for her personal and professional life. She keeps sharing updates related to her life through YouTube vlog. Recently, her husband avinash Dwivedi told about Sambhavna's surgery in the vlog. avinash told that the doctor had already told about this surgery, but Sambhavna was waiting for the release of her song. Now that her song has been released, she underwent surgery. Now she is fine.

Sambhavna underwent surgery

In the video, avinash was seen taking care of Sambhavna. At the same time, Sambhavna was seen crying in pain. While telling about her surgery, Sambhavna said- 'I have to get an operation done for something that has been pending for a long time. Now finally my operation is happening and there is nothing to worry about. I had polyps in my uterus, which had to be removed. Because of this I was having pain for a few days.' This is the reason for the delay.

'First it got delayed due to Avinash's surgery and then because of my music video. I was in pain even during the shooting of the song. But I had to finish the song first and then get the surgery done. Now I had to take the decision of getting the surgery done overnight.'

Sambhavna's husband avinash told that 2024 did not start on a good note regarding the health of the family. avinash said- I think 2024 is only about hospitals and surgeries. First our pet dog had an operation, then mine and now Sambhavna's. Sambhavna's surgery was the most important in all this, but it got delayed. Let us tell you that Sambhavna's song Kamariya Ka Jhatka has been released recently.

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